Vacuum skin packaging machine

New trend of packaging – vacuum skin packaging

By sealing the product under vacuum between the skin packaging film and the tray. The VSP film wraps the food like a second skin without using any preservatives/additives. Make sure the product remains vibrant and fresh in color and flavor before consumption. VSP offers the added benefit of a reliable, durable tray that supports and protects the product during transport, storage and display as it holds food in place, with the ultimate goal of creating an attractive package that consumers can See the product in its entirety. The goal of VSP is to extend the shelf life of products.


  1. It can optionally operate vacuum skin packaging. The super three-dimensional shape is transparent and visible.
  2. Sturdy structure and beautiful appearance, the whole machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum extrusion.
  3. Using European imported vacuum pump and programmable touch panel with 10 sets of memory functions, it can be used for vacuum nitrogen flushing, vacuum body-fitting and simple sealing packaging, easy to operate.
  4. Design different mold specifications according to product size, upper and lower molds can be replaced.
  5. Applicable to a variety of sealing materials, such as: PP, PE, PET, PVC, carton and other sealing materials.

Scope of application

  1. Suitable for refrigerated or seafood food, microwaveable, moisture-proof and takeaway food
  2. Suitable for restaurants, shops, supermarkets, processing plants
  3. Applied to fresh and frozen food such as meat and aquatic products, marinated food, agricultural products, prepared food, Chinese herbal medicine, electronics, medical equipment, medicine, etc., can keep fresh, original flavor, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew and deterioration, and extend product shelf life


Keep food fresh, original, antiseptic, antiseptic, and extend product shelf life

Model Mechanical Dimensions

(LxWxH mm)
Voltage Mechanical weight (kg) Capacity

container maximum size

air compressor
EL-701VSP 850 x 560 x 1555 220V 120 2-3 340×250 5HP
EL-702VSP 850x560x1555 220V 145 4-6 220×170 5HP
EL-704VSP 850 x 560 x 1555 220V 145 8-12 160×100 5HP
EL-706VSP 950x560x1555 220V 150 10-12 110×100 5HP
EL-701MVSP 900x600x1555 220V 140 2-3 380×260 5HP
EL-702MVSP 900x600x1555 220V 160 4-6 260×180 5HP

Automatic vacuum inflation and vacuum skin packaging machine

Model Mechanical Dimensions

(LxWxH mm)

container maximum size

EL-301VSP 2000x810x1600 4-6 340×250
EL-302VSP 2000x810x1600 6-10 220×170
EL-304VSP 2000x810x1600 10-12 160×100
EL-301MVSP 2000x900x1600 4-6 380×260
EL-302MVSP 2000x900x1600 6-10 260×180

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