Modified Atmosphere Packaging (Map) Gas Flushing Tray Sealer

Map gas flushing tray sealer,sealer Map gas flushing tray sealer,sealer


  1. Construction is of stainless steel and aluminum materials.
  2. Custom-made moulds to suit your application, easy interchangeable sealing head and base mould for different container types.
  3. Using high quality European BUSCH pump and touch screen control for easy use and operator friendly.
  4. Suitable for many types of lidding materials and tray / cup types, Eg: PP, PE, PET, paper box, CPET etc.


  1. Suitable for the frozen foods like seafood / beef / chicken pork take away foods etc, that maybe microwavable and require a controlled packaged atmosphere.
  2. Suitable for restaurants shops, supermarkets and many types of food manufacturers.
  3. Use for fresh and frozen foods, agricultural products, electronic, medical devices and medicines. It can be kept fresh, giving your product a longer shelf life than standard type tray sealing!


To keep food fresh, original, antiseptic, mold proofed and deterioration prevented. Extend products shelf-life.

Model Dimensions

(LxWxH mm)
Power Weight (kg) Capacity

Max Cup Size

Air Compressor
EL-701MVP 850 x 560 x 1555 220 V 120 2 340 x 250 5 HP
EL-702MVP 850 x 560 x 1555 220 V 145 4 220 x 170 5 HP
EL-704MVP 850 x 560 x 1555 220 V 145 8 160 x 100 5 HP
EL-706MVP 950 x 560 x 1555 220 V 150 8 110 x 100 5 HP